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McCormick Elementary

701 McCormick School Road

Farmington, New Mexico 87401

(505) 599-8606


2020-2021 Parental Involvement Policy

Title 1 Requirement, Section 1118, Parental Involvement

In order to ensure that the parents of the children being served have adequate opportunity to participate in the design and implementation of the Title 1 Program McCormick Elementary has adopted the following policies:


1)             McCormick will conduct annual meetings in the Fall and Spring at which time the overall Title 1 program and ways for parents to be involved in their child’s education through meetings, activities, programs and volunteer opportunities will be explained. 


2)             McCormick will conduct a Spring Advisory meeting with parents to review, seek input, and jointly develop the school wide Title 1 program.


3)             McCormick’s communications with parents are conducted in English and Spanish.


4)             McCormick will provide a written progress report every 9 weeks to each child’s parent. Attendance and student progress can be monitored regularly through Powerschool.


5)             Conferences will be held between individual parents and teachers twice yearly and on an as needed basis, during which the school-parent compact, attendance, Common Core state standards, assessments, proficiency and students’ progress shall be discussed.


6)             McCormick will send home regular communications from each grade level in English and Spanish with suggestions to parents on how to help them promote the education of their child at home.  This will also be available on our website,  and social media. (schoology/facebook)


7)             Each year McCormick will provide opportunities for parent input and feedback including a parent survey and evaluation. This information will be used to revise our parent involvement policy and identify any barriers to successful parent participation, as needed. 


8)             McCormick will provide parents with reasonable access to staff; opportunities to volunteer, participate, and observe in their child’s class; and instructions for monitoring attendance through PowerSchool.  Parents are strongly encouraged to attend APTT meetings, parent conferences, Open House, and grade level special events.


Disclaimer: This policy has been adjusted temporally due to state-wide school closure because of COVID-19. In person events have been cancelled and postponed. Remote learning, teletherapy, consultation with student/family, etc. and modifications will continue until otherwise stated by the Governor.